Household appliances - washing and drying of clothes

We develop advanced technologies and processes for household appliances for washing and drying to reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of washing/drying. Research includes a coupled analysis of all emissions, including energy, water and microparticles, while also considering parameters such as washing and drying time, laundry deterioration and machine costs.

Mineral wool

We advise customers, evaluate and design machinery and production processes for the stone, glass and ceramic wool industries. Our work includes improving fibre quality, reducing emissions and energy consumption, and using environmentally friendly raw materials.

Design of hydraulic machines

We help companies design, model and experimentally analyze various hydraulic machines. We have state-of-the-art software, powerful hardware and experienced engineers for 3D design, meshing, modeling, measurement and evaluation of turbine machines.

Risk Assessment

We are conducting a comprehensive risk assessment analysis for the gas distribution sector. Calibrated models have been developed for the most used natural gas facilities. The risk assessment is currently being expanded to include hydrogen production, distribution, and use.

Paper industry

We develop machines to improve disinfection for process waters for the pulp and paper industry. This includes reduction of microbial contamination of process waters that cause harm to paper products and equipment, as well as the presence of pathogens in end products. The work involves the use of hydrodynamic cavitation devices.

Aerodynamic and hydraulic systems

Regarding the application of pumps, fans and turbines, we help users, advise them and design hydraulic systems for new applications, e.g. in the automotive industry, in wastewater treatment, in air-conditioning of homes and industrial buildings, in various industrial production processes, in purpose-built wind tunnels, etc.

Wastewater, pool water and activated sludge

We help companies develop solutions for improved wastewater, pool water and sludge treatment through the installation of hydrodynamic cavitation equipment.