The Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines is part of the Department of Power Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana. In the laboratory we are engaged in research work in the wider field of energy engineering, measurements in energy engineering and studies in the field of hydraulic machines.

The laboratory work started in 1997 by former Prof. PhD. Brane Širok and his then assistants, the current heads of the laboratory, Prof. PhD. Matevž Dular and Prof. PhD. Marko Hočevar. Later, the laboratory team grew to 18 members today.

Our research activities are focused on fluid dynamics in turbomachinery, domestic appliances, spray devices, and mineral wool formation. In the field of fluid dynamics in turbine machines, we deal with experimental and numerical modelling from large scales (eg. water turbines on the large spatial and temporal scales m or min) to small scales and individual cavitation bubbles (the spatial and temporal scale µm or ns).